The Best Beer Is Jack’s Abby House Lager

Framingham, Massachusetts, brewery Jack’s Abby has long committed to lagers as its go to style of beer. It’s had some bona fide hits: Hoponious Union is one of the most complex beers I’ve ever tried. But what happens when a craft brewery goes for Superior Drinkability™?

Jack’s Abby House Lager. It’s the best beer. I don’t really have any sort of basis for this ruling, but it’s the best beer. Let’s start with the name: House Lager conveys a very specific kind of beer you’re getting; the watering hole near your home is almost guaranteed to have it in its fridge. It’ll come in a tallboy can. Or it’ll be on tap (and you’ll wish it was in a can — more on that later).

Pour it from the can into a glass and bask in its golden body. It’s such a good looking beer.

What does House Lager taste like? Familiarity. If I could compare it with one “shitty beer,” it’d be Narraganset lager. Let me clarify: House Lager does not have the overly sweet notes that Narraganset has, but it is indeed sweet. It also has a way better taste profile. It’s drinkable, it’s crisp, it’s got the perfect amount of sweetness.

In a world where every beer strives to truly change the notion of what beer can taste like (Chocolate stouts! Bacon! An assault of hops! Gimmicks upon gimmicks!), House Lager is a beer that should be on the shopping list for every house party. Seriously. Consider replacing that 12-pack of Sam Adams Boston Lager with something way better: a 15-pack of Jack’s Abby House Lagers.

When you’re out a bar perusing the beer menu, among the beers with the intimidating names like “Persnickety” and “Angry AF” and “Hippity Hoppity,” you might see Jack’s Abby and think, “Is a beer with the name ‘House Lager’ adventurous enough for me?” In a word: uh yes. However, if it’s on draft, maybe go with something else? The House Lagers I’ve had on draft have tasted a little off. It may be a little watered down compared with its in-the-can counterpart. Or maybe it’s a thing with the tap lines at the bars I’ve been to with it on tap. Again, I’m not an expert.

Anyway. House Lager. It’s the best beer in the universe. If you’re in the Boston area, seek it out. I hope it’s everywhere soon. Jack’s Abby is the best beer. Thanks.

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